Daylight savings time means more daylight and more time to explore outside. Wake up from winter’s hibernation and find yourself in nature.

Fly a kite

Exhilarate in catching the wind with a kite’s streamers fluttering behind you. The Eastern Shore beaches offer the perfect conditions for kite flying.

Pound the pedals of a bicycle

Many of our destinations have biking trails close by or boardwalks if you’re looking for more of a relaxing ride. You can bring your own bike or rentals are available at a number of our destinations.

Enjoy the natural scenery

There’s nothing more beautiful than spring foliage. Flora of all sorts starts to bloom and show their magnificent colors which make for a perfect photo op!

Read your book/newspaper/phone outside against a tree

Everyone has their own definition of vacation. Some plan their week full of action-packed events, while others simply enjoy relaxing in a park, on the beach, or by the pool with their favorite book. And that is fine by us!

Take on a spring recipe

Springtime offers many ripe fruits and vegetables, so stop by a local market while on vacation and see what’s in season. Not to mention, many of our properties offer full kitchens with everything you need to cook up a delicious meal.

Go for a hike

Mountains, parks, beaches, forests. You name it, we have it. With our various destinations comes a wide variety of terrain, perfect for those looking to get out and explore on a nature hike.

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