You don’t need a fancy camera or equipment to capture that winning video of your vacation! Check out our five simple tips for how to make a great video that you can submit to our video contest. Who knows? You could win a $100 VISA gift card for your cinematic skills!



Video is a great way to capture action and movement. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, or building a sand castle, catching it on video can show the action in a way that photos can’t.

Keep it Candid

Real moments lead to real memories and great video. Try turning the camera on during times that don’t seem obvious, such as when you’re having conversations with your kids, exploring your vacation home, or even walking from your car to the beach.


Always think about the lighting in the scene you’re shooting. Try to keep the sun behind you or to the side of you. If there’s a lot of bright light behind your subject, it will usually make them appear “under-lit” in your video.


You can give your video a more cinematic feel by positioning objects on the 1/3 lines in your frame. Although, when in doubt, centering your subject in frame is always a safe bet. Also, try to shoot in landscape whenever possible.

Don’t Overthink it

We love it when our travelers capture memories they want to remember and share with others. But, we also want them to relax and have fun. You’re on your vacation. So remember— don’t stress!

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